Elon Musk tweet about buying Coca-Cola Company

Elon Musk ‘jokes’ he will buy Coca-Cola and ‘put cocaine back’

Elon Musk on another buying spree? Jokes he will buy Coca Cola and bring cocaine back in beverage

Remembering how it all began in 2017 when Elon Musk asked how much will Twitter cost him, social media users are not sure whether Elon Musk is joking or not.

Elon Musk on Thursday tweeted he will next buy Coca-Cola and put the cocaine back in it triggering a frenzy on the social media platform, as much as coca-cola started trending on Twitter. In two hours, the tweet crossed 1 million likes, 200K retweets and 60K quote tweets. Musk's tweet comes after he bought 100% stake in Twitter for $44 billion. While the tweet read like a joke, social media users are not too sure as in 2017 Musk had once casually tweeted what would be the price of Twitter. And 5 years down the line, he has proposed to buy 100% stake in the company. 

According to his agreement with Twitter, Musk can't tweet anything disparaging about Twitter. Rest all is allowed and hence the richest man in the world is talking a lot about other things, including what Twitter should be like. 

In his vision, Twitter should encourage free speech as permitted by the law of the land; it should be politically neutral as in, it has to be equally upsetting for the far right and the far left. On the security aspect, Elon Musk wants Twitter DMs to have end-to-end encryption like Signal so that no one can spy or hack personal messages.

Coming back to Coca-Cola, Musk made it clear that even if he buys the Atlanta company, it will be for the original recipe of the beverage, which had cocaine in it.

"But the soft drinks’ company makes Twitter look like small-fry, with its market cap of $284 billion. Musk’s own fortune currently stands at $253 billion — way ahead of his nearest rival Jeff Bezos, who’s currently worth $162 billion," Bloomberg commented.